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The WebBrowser Control

The WebBrowser control in the C# .NET toolbox

Adding a Browser to a Tab is quite easy. Locate the WebBrowser control
in the toolbox, in the Common Controls category (we’ve chopped a few controls
out, in the image below):

The WebBrowser control in the C# .NET toolbox

Click the control once to select it. Now draw out a browser in your TabPage1.
It should fill the whole tab, and look like this:

A WebBrowser control drawn on a  TabControl, C# .NET 2012

The web browser you have just added is an instance of Internet Explorer. It
will take the same settings as those from the Internet Options dialogue box
in your control panel. So, for example, if you have scripting turned on in Internet
Options, it will still be turned on in the WebBrowser control you have just
added to the tab.

To see if it works as a browser, though, add a text box and button to your
form. Change the Name of the text box to txtAddress, and type a web address
for the Text property. Change the Name property of the button to btnGo,
and the Text to GO. Aim for something like this:

A textbox and button added to the form

Now double click your new button to get at the code stub.

The WebBrowser control has a method called Navigate. You use it to navigate
to a web page that you specify. So add these two lines to your button code:

string WebPage = txtAddress.Text.Trim();


We’re just getting the web page address from the text box. You would need to
do some error checking here, though, testing for things like blank strings and
valid web addresses.

The page you want to navigate to goes between the round brackets of the Navigate
method. And that’s it!

Test it out. Run your programme and click your button. You should find that
the web page that you typed in the text box appears in the web browser that
you placed on TabPage1. If it doesn’t, make sure that you’re online and that
your firewall is not blocking your C# .NET software. Here’s what ours looks

A web page displayed in a WebBrowser control

In the next part below, we’ll add some navigation buttons. You’ll also learn
how about Image Lists.

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