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PHP and the Post Attribute of HTML Forms



In the previous section, you saw what happened
in the browser’s address bar when you used the GET method for Form data. The
alternative to GET is to use POST. Change the first line of your FORM to this:

ACTION = “”>

Close your browser down, and open it back up. Load your basicForm.php page
again, and then click the button. Your address bar will then look like this:

The POST Method of a HTML Form

The ?Submit1=Login part from the previous section is now gone! That is because
we used POST as the method. Using POST means that the form data won’t get
appended to the address in the address bar for all to see. We’ll use both
POST and GET throughout the book. But it depends on the project: if the data
is not sensitive then use GET, otherwise use POST.

Another important attribute of the Form tag is Action. Without Action, your
forms won’t go anywhere! We’ll see how this works in the next part.


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