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PHP and the Method Attribute of HTML Forms



If you look at the first line of our form from the previous
page, you’ll notice a METHOD attribute:

<FORM NAME =”form1″ METHOD =” ”
ACTION = “”>

The Method attribute is used to tell the browser how the form information
should be sent. The two most popular methods you can use are GET and POST. But
our METHOD is blank. So change it to this:

ACTION = “”>

To see what effect using GET has, save your work again and then click the Submit
button on your form. You should see this:

The GET Method of a HTML Form

The thing to notice here is the address bar. After basicForm.php,
we have the following:


This is a consequence of using the GET method. The data from the form ends
up in the address bar. You’ll see a question mark, followed by form data. In
the image above, Submit1 was the NAME of the button, and Login
was the VALUE of the button (the text on the button). This is what is being
returned by the GET method. You use the GET method when the data you want returned
is not crucial information that needs protecting.

You can also use POST as the Method, instead of GET. Click below to see the


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