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Move to the First and Last Records



Moving to the first and last records of your database is a lot easier.

Double click your First button to create the code stub. Now add the
following code:

Java code to move to the First record in a ResultSet

We have no need of an IF … ELSE Statement, now. The only thing we need to
do is move the Cursor to the first record with rs.First, then display
the first record in the Text Fields.

Similarly, add the following code for your Last button (you can copy and paste
the code for the First button):

Java code to move to the Last record in a ResultSet

The only change to make is the use of rs.Last on the first line in place of

When you’ve added the code, run your programme again. You should now be able
to jump to the last record in your database, and jump to the first record.

In the next part, you’ll learn how to update a record.



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