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Joining text in PHP



In the previous PHP lesson, you’ll learnt how to
split a line of text. All the parts of the line of text will then be in an

But if you have a line of text in an array, you can join it all together
to form a single line of text. This is just the opposite of explode. This
time, use implode( ):

$seasons = array(“Autumn”, “Winter”,
“Spring”, “Summer”);
$new_textline = implode( “,”, $seasons );

Here we have an array called $seasons. The text in the array needs to be
joined before writing it back to a text file. The implode( ) function
does the joining. The syntax for the implode( ) function is just the same
as explode( ).

implode( separator, text_to_join )

So implode( ) will join all the text together and separate each part with
a comma, in the code above. Of course, you don’t have to use a comma. You
could use a dash:

$new_textline = implode(“-“,

Or any other character:

$new_textline = implode(“#”,

Even a space:

$new_textline = implode( ” “,

The implode( ) function can come in handy, if you need to work with single
lines of text.

In the next part, we’ll take a look at something called Escaping.


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